Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Day 7: Faithfulness

Today was incredible for so many reasons. I was the head teacher for a day, since my head teacher was out, which was stressful, sure, but also wonderful. A classroom of my own for a day and only 9/12 kids- it was sweet. That coupled with the incredible weather, that allowed us to be outside for over 2 hours total today was great. I left work late, but I had a ton to do, so really that was a good thing for me.

After work, I went to the library where I quickly got the books I needed(a rare occurance- normally takes me forever). I then headed to my crossfit group at Mosaic, which kicked my butt, as per usual, but was awesome. Each time, I learn more about myself. I learn about my boundaries, both physical and mental, as well as how strong I actually am. I surprise myself sometimes. One of the rules of the group is do not compare yourself to others, for which i am thankful because I would come down hard on myself. But with this rule, I can look at how far I have come and be proud of how much i was able to accomplish.

This week had an unexpected twist for us, which I will save for another time for once I ask permission to share the story:)

Throughout the day, I was treated with surprises of grades. I currently have and am maintining 100% in all of my courses at the moment. The credit is not on me. It is on God, who gives me my purpose each day, who dries me, who inspires me, who reeveals new things to me , who challenges me and who pushes me to be my best. I am so thankful for the student he has helped me become. 4 more weeks and this nightmare of a semester will be over. But, I cannot deny the joys I have had this semester to balance the chaos. My Monday nights have been one of the best parts of my week, no mater how hard it is or how badly my butt gets kicked. Yoga has been great.... a chance to challenge myself, wrestle my thoughts, spend time with a friend, and center myself. Tuesday mornings, where I get to babysit some sweet kiddos 2 hours a week has provided some much needed income, but also provides me with awesome interactions with incredible kids, parents, and co-sitters weekly. This semester has so many things to be thankful for sprinkled throughout. I will miss those things.

I am praying to have an easier semester next semester, but have no idea what that looks like yet.... For now, I look forward to mid-may, when I get to gain some free time in the evenings. Going back to work full time will be hard, but nowhere as hard as juggling it all. I also look forward to new growth groups and am excited that crossfit will continue this summer... our fearless leaders will continue to force me to face my deamons and get it done... and that we will:)

All day, God showed me his faithfulness once again in the smallest and biggest moments of my day. Thanks, God. 

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