Friday, April 14, 2017

But... It's Friday....

I have a hard time each Good Friday. I loved the ship because they gave us time and SPACE around this time to process and reflect on this day. At home, there are very few of these opportunities.

I'm having trouble today because I wanted to go to a Good Friday service, but my body had other plans. All over Facebook, people are posting 'it's Friday, but Sunday is coming'. I love that visual and, most of the time, it's exactly what I need to hear, but this time of the year... no. I need to reflect. I need to remember. If we don't remember what happens on Friday, what happens on Sunday won't be nearly as meaningful.

Jesus was TORTURED. He went through the most gruesome death and it was horrific. What made it worse was what happened after. Jesus was separated from God, not just physically, but spiritually. He literally went to Hell to take on our sins and FOUGHT for us!!! True- Sunday IS coming and that is a MIRACLE... but... today is Friday- the darkest day in history. The day for which Jesus was created.

I am so grateful.