Monday, April 20, 2015

Day 13: Zoo, Kenya, and Concert

Today was not originally planned as super eventful, but it became so, and I have to say, I would have not had it any other way.

I got up, much to my dismay, because there was much to be done, but more importantly, I wanted to get my tail to church. I had an added incentive, as I had a friend meeting me and we had plans to grab coffee or do something afterwards. This 'something afterwards' turned into taking her amazingly sweet 5 year old to the zoo, which was an incredibly awesome, unexpected surprise to my day. So much fun to spend time with these awesome new friends of mine and just enjoy the beautiful day.

Afterwards, I got back to the church just in time to meet with my awesome Kenya team. We had fun chatting our way through ice breakers and getting to know more about the trip. The closer we come, the more excited I get. Tomorrow I get my current totals, so I will be sure to keep you all up-to-date on those. The ACTUAL deadline for money for plane fare is May 2nd. We were told today in order to get our tails in high-gear, which worked. Also we are estimating that fee to be $1600, not $1900, as originally planned, which is a relief. But, with the funds I have already, this means that I still have a good $500 to go... Praying tomorrow I wake up to find that number gone and the relief of funds there.

After our meeting, I went to Starbucks to hash out some homework. I was super duper unfocused, but thanks to my coffee and my old faithful soundtrack which always gets me focused- the How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack a friend from the ship got me into.... do NOT judge- GO LISTEN... It is stunning... beautiful orchestrations with AMAZING percussion lines and horn work!!!! It always gets me focused. It is actually what I have playing now, as I finish my homework and get ready to turn in for the night.

After my homework session, which ended up being successful for the hour I focused out of 2, I went to a concert with my dad. We saw Mike Roe and The Choir. Not Mike Roe from Dirty Jobs- Mike Roe from The Lost Dogs!!!! I knew him LONG before Mike Roe from Dirty Jobs was remotely famous:) Check him out!!! We saw them at GenXaret, which was awesome. A really cool atmosphere- chill ambiance and a fun time. They ended on a bit of a somber note, but that's okay... every now and then we all need that.

Afterwards, on my drive home, I reflected a bit on my day and realized something. God is so so so so so so faithful to me. He saw my needs this week before I even realized I had them. I had this hole in my life before this semester of needing some solid awesome people to be friends with, and guess what? He's slowly, but surely filling that hole. I didn't realize how lonely I had been, since I have been entirely too busy to notice, but he's slipped people into my life to be there with me- to do awesomely unexpected and fun things with, to chat with, to go across the world with, to challenge me physically and emotionally,and to do life with. Amazing. He knew just what I needed this weekend, and for that I am so grateful.

I am SO bummed the weekend is over, but I go to bed with a smile on my face and a full soul, knowing it was an amazing weekend full of joy, a few tears, lots of laughter, and reflection. 

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