Monday, April 6, 2015

A New Journey Begins

Friends, readers, whoever you may be,

This is a long one, but I promise it's good- take a look:)

I am entering a new chapter. I am attempting to make better use of my time and resources, so I've decided to change things up for 40 days to see what cool, and perhaps some not so cool, things happen. So... with no further or do... my challenge..

My idea is to do less of some things and more of others- so less is more.... kinda..
-Less Facebook- I'll only be on once a week... that's it. If people need me, they can text, call, or PM me... Facebook is not my lifeline so it's time for me to stop wasting so much time on it.

-Less Sugar- I'll be practicing some self control by only having one sugary treat per week. This is different in the past because I am not totally stopping, but limiting. We shall see how it goes. I am confident it will be fine. Tough but fine.

-Less complaining- now this one is a tough one for me to put on here because if it's out in the open, it can be used to keep me accountable. I really don't like how negative I have become, so in order to begin more positive thinking, I will try to think more positively and be aware of the times I complain and attempt to change my negative behaviors one at a time.

-More MUSIC!!!! I want to have one good jam session per week and once a day sing a song that captures how I feel, play one of my many instruments, or just sit in silence during a song. I LOVE music, but have not had time or the motivation to produce music, so here it is:)

-More Writing!! I plan to journal daily, but it will not end there. Oh no. I plan to start compiling some of my many stories on my own to piece together a bit or a memoir, but I'll also be updating this lovely blog of mine DAILY!! Yep- Daily for 40 days- so check back on here for my daily post. I plan on focusing on the blessings of the day. Sounds a tad cliche, but when I did this while in Africa around this time of the year, it was amazing and meaningful for me. For those who are saying, "What? Africa?? Huh??" I lived in Africa for 2.5 years and tons of those stories are all over my blog- so check them out:)

-More Sharing- I hope to become a bit more real with those around me and a part of doing that is to share. Share my thoughts when appropriate, share my story, share what God has been doing in my life, share my struggles and my feats, and something that scares me but I think will be cool- share my music. I posted a song last night and got amazing response, but I feel like God was nudging me and saying, "Hey- I've given you this gift- use it and use it well... share it with others". So, you may see something along those lines posted too.

-More JESUS- My focus has been so scattered lately, and while I have not in any way attempted to push Jesus away, I haven't been spending as much time as I would like focusing on Jesus and the plans he has for my life. I keep getting ideas, and I know they are from him, but I need to focus on him and what he's saying and what the bible says to get a bit of a clearer picture of what that looks like for my life. I have a few ideas of how to do this- I am NOT a morning person, but I've been thinking about trying for the 40 days to wake up earlier than normal, which on many days is before the sun, and take time waking up by eating my breakfast, drinking coffee, and journaling or spending time listening to His word. I have this cool app I love called the Daily Audio Bible and I have neglected it over the last 6 weeks, so I would love to spend some time catching up on that and digging in to what God says and looking at the example Jesus left for us.

THis is a lot, I know... believe me I know, but I also know that God is doing some amazing things in my life. Last night, I stumbled upon some letters I wrote myself in 2008, and I look at that girl and I have no idea who she was. I am stunned that I was that manipulative, shallow, naive, and honestly, crazy. But, I also know I have a long way to go in my journey of me. I know it will be a never-ending process, but there are a few things I've been working on with some help and feel like these are things I need to do. I hope those of you who read this will keep me accountable and read along during this journey:)

Today's Blessing: Day 0- technically day 1 is tomorrow.
Sleep-ins, Spring Cleaning, Homework time and Workouts

Today started verrry slowly, but since I've been sick, I let it slide. I woke up around 11:30, since I did not have work today, and slowly woke up by getting on my phone and playing a few games. I got up and made myself some leftovers to get my motor running. I then tackled the biggest hurdle of my day: My room.

Since I've been sick and oh so so busy, my room had been seriously neglected. Also the beautiful change of weather leaves my wardrobe terribly cumbersome and warm, so I decided to change out my clothes for some lighter ones, which thankfully included some shorter pants(trousers for those from the UK), which I needed terribly. I cleaned out the junk, the clothes, and got myself organized. Honestly this was sparked by the terrible loss of my favorite bag of pens, which I cannot find and still have not found, but that was why I started cleaning... it got everything organized at least:)

Once that was done, I got going on some homework, but more so just kinda lollygagged on my computer and did lots of mindless tasks that needed to be done but were boring. So, I put on the show IZombie, which I surprisingly loved and watched all 3 of.... did I mention its a day off... so I didn't care terribly... I had things I needed to do, which mostly got done, but...did some other things too:) Eventually all of my papers were neatly back in their place in my binder, which I'd neglected for weeks, I finished an assignment, planned a presentation, and worked on two other assignments.

After this, I headed to my amaaaazing Crossfit growth group. This group has been a huuuuuuuge blessing over the last few months. This week was an extra blessing for me. Our fearless leaders were gone for 5 weeks on tour with their Army band, so we did things on our own for those 5 weeks. We built upon skills they had already taught us and we were busting our butts, but generally we were in and out in less than an hour. With our leaders back, we took time to learn some new skills and test them out,  kicked butt in our workout, which they helped us(me especially) modify as needed and cheered us on along the way. Afterward, we hung out and just all chatted. I missed all of these little details that make up our group. I felt at home:) I had a terrible headache right before I came, but the moment I walked in, it was gone and I was ready to rock and roll. My lungs- they struggled, but we got through it and modified and kicked butt.

I sit here with a delicious stout while I type and I feel so so full. I was able to have a mini-jam session when I got home, I wrote a little bit, I wrote this, I ate my last bit of sugar before the 40 days OFFICIALLY begin and am just feeling happy. Not worried about the homework I didn't finish- I'll worry about that tomorrow... for now I think I'll just put something on and do some zentangles and maybe journal before I doze off and HOPEFULLY have good dreams and wake up at a nice late 9am:)

Thanks for reading!! 


  1. Wonderful start michelle. I live you. Aunt Judy

  2. Love you my sweet baby girl! I will be praying for you. Mom