Friday, April 24, 2015

Day 18:Bounty

Today was a day where I had to convince myself to not panic, breathe, and repeat. I had a full class today and one of the kids has never had me without my head teacher before. She is one of our youngest, but truly needs the firmness my head teacher provides that simply is not in my teaching style. Today I had to pretend it was because I was hit, kicked and spat on enough that I was at my wits end. That and the other kids were also going through this- not just me, so we all needed me to be firmer than normal. 

At lunch, I almost got into a pretty nasty car accident, but thankfully saw the car coming who would've plowed me...they were at fault btw. At that moment, I had it. I burst into tears. I am not a tearful person generally, but when I am stressed, I can end up that way in seconds depending on the situation... This was one of them. 

I gathered myself, got a powerful coffee, got work done, geared up for the afternoon and did well for about an hour then hit a wall and there was no saving it... 

Despite the chaos, panic, frustration, anger, pain, and tears of the day... There is a blessing:)

When I was getting my things together this morning, this is what I saw...
My little corner of the fridge- bare...old Hummus and brown rice were the knly companions. I knew what was coming later in the day... Friday is grocery day. I never have time Saturday and Sunday would be too stressful and it is my rest day, so Friday on my way home from work, I go to Aldi. This week I also went to get more coffee to fuel the studying I needed to do, which thankfully worked. 

I got this stash...for...wait for it...
$14!!!! Fruit, veggies, eggs, milk, and yogurt for the week- my staples. I have frozen curry and stir fry so no need for other food. Perfection. I felt blessed to have 1)access to foods at all. Food that is good for me and fuels me. Food that is safe, clean and won't kill me if I pick the wrong one. 2)access to affordable food. For so long I assumed if I want to eat well, I must pay an arm and a leg. While I am learning I do need to buy some foods organic, I am learning which I do not need to and am able to work with it. 

Thankful is what I am. I never waste my food because I have seen too many who have no food. I challenge you to ponder that thought and ship mindfully. 

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