Friday, April 17, 2015

Day 11: The Tale of Two Rings

Finally, the story I have been wanting to tell all week, but simply have not had time to write out in a way I was pleased with...

On Monday, we had our Crossfit night, as always. This week we did one set of exercises inside, then moved outside to do sled pushes and tire pulling. Not sure if that is the technical name, but it sounds nice.

Afterwards, we all came back inside and ate some awesome healthy snacks and chatted. Before we all went our own ways, but our numbers dwindled, one of our fearles leaders, Marlena, mentioned that her wedding ring was missing. She had put it in her phone, but her phone had been moved a ton over the course of the night, and the ring was now MIA. There were speculations of where it was lost, but after a brief sweep with 5 of us, they needed to get home to put their daughter to bed.

Marlena kept saying it was super cheap and it was okay, but I knew, like any wedding ring, it has a ton of meaning. So, I pretended like I was getting my car, then got out and ran back inside. When I got inside, I found two of my fellow crossfit mates searching high and low already. I was relieved, as I was about to rally the troops. I didn't need to- they had already reallied themselves. We opened up the garage doors of the gym in the back of teh church, used our phones to shine light(thank God for cellphones with flashlights) and the serach was on.

Now, the coolest part was the discussion that occured while we were looking. One of the guys who was looking told me that their friend lost their wedding ring in a lake in the sand. The friend lost hope, but everyone was determined to find the ring. They prayed, and about 20 minutes, they found it.

At this moment, I almost burst into tears, because the reason I ran back in intially is because I have my own ring story... I thought I wrote about this before, but I haven't, so here it is...

When I went on my tour of Israel in 2012, I was swimming in the sea of Galilee with some friends... lets pause there... how surreal is that sentence?? Anyway.. I was swimming with some of the girls, and a friend of mine had a ring that she got made years earlier in Israel that had her name in Hebrew engraved in it. As we swam in the sea, which was very calm- much like a lake with a few small waves, we jumped all around, spashed and enjoyed eachother. Carys looked up and realized her ring was gone. Jordy and I looked at eachother and there were two choices we could have made... 1)give up, 2) search.... we decided to look. Carys was certain it was lost and said she could get a new once made- what a better place to lose a keepsake from Israel than in Isreal?

We prayed out loud, then looked, and looked, and looked, for what seemed like forever. I remember the sun had set and we were still feelinge  everywhere. After over 30 minutes of searching in the sand and the path of the current, one of the girls felt down, and there it was. A testament of God's faithfulness right there in front of us.

After this, I decided to get a ring made in Isreal, and actually got my name in Hebrew as well. It was only Monday that I realzied the deeper meaning of the ring on my own finger. Initially, I made it as a reminder of God's love for me and as a purity ring of sorts, since I lost the one I got in high school long ago at the pool... but then it donned on me... it is also a reminder of God's faithfulness. It reminds me that He knows my name- He knew it before I was even born. He has my future laid before me. He knows whether I will have a wedding ring and who will put it on my finger, and if not, why and what great plans he has instead. Often on the ship, I would trace my ring with my finger as a reminder that his love for me never ends... it goes on and on, just like my ring.

So.... after much searching through leaves, weights, crevaces, spider webbed tires, and concrete, I searched less than a foot away from where Marlena's husband was searching. When they gave up to go home, I had a feeling in my stomach to look there, so after 30 minutes of searching, I did. And guess what? It was there!!!!!

I was so excited, I literally started crying on my way home. Not necessarily because we found it, but because all that I just wrote came to mind. Thsi was by far the biggest blessing of my week.... It is funny because it may have actually blessed me than the person who lost their property, but then again, you never really know how much you miss something, until it's lost, then found again.

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