Monday, April 20, 2015

Day 14:thunderstorms and chats

It was a much unwanted re-entry back into  'the grind' today, much to my dismay after a great weekend. Went to bed far too late, slept poorly, had one of my infamous tornado dreams, which are always incredibly realistic, got up late, got to work late... The usual. 

Thankfully the kids made me giggle lots this morning to cheer up this Monday and the weather cleared up enough for us to go outside:) It was HOT this morning, but I'll take that over cold any day. 

After a very sluggish morning, I got my normal afternoon coffee which jolted me awake and set me up for the afternoon ahead. I had a toddler crying for over an hour- I think she is getting sick, while another brought mulch in from outside and scattered it around the classroom,  while parents arrived to get their little ones. It was one of THOSE days. 

Thankfully some sweet moments with another little one after everyone left and then the events after made up for the rough patches of the day. 

We had our normal crossfit, but it was a bit amped up, as our fearless leaders wanted a good challenge too... I could hardly support any weight with my arms after... But I sat down and looked out the door and saw one of my favorite things...- thunderstorm rolling in.  

If you know me, you may know I have a HUGE fear of tornadoes. However, this fear has turned me into a storm lover, as it forced me to get to know what makes a storm that can form a tornado versus one that will not.  Living in Africa, I have seen many a storm with never a threat of tornado, as the conditions are not favorable there for tornadoes. Man were they beautiful. The storm tonight let me sit for a brief moment and breathe and take in the beauty.

Afterwards, I went home, showered- booooy did we SWEAT tonight!!! Then I made a late dinner and did some school work. Not long after, roommates rolled in. Which leads me to blessing 2:)

I have no idea if she will ever see this, but I have an amazing roommate, Megan, who is an incredible listener. If you know me at all, you know I am a talker. I have a plethora of stories to tell, I love to share them, I am very animated and can talk for hours if you let me. I also love people , so if given the choice of talking versus homework.... People trump all always. 

Also, when I am tired. I ramble. I have become increasingly aware of this since moving in with these lovely ladies, as I do this often. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful, patient roommate who takes interest in my life, my interests, and my ramblings. I never feel like a burden, even when I have talked forever:) thanks Megan!!!!

Goodnight world! I shall be sore tomorrow, but it bout pain, you cannot get stronger! 

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