Monday, February 28, 2011

And here come the waves..

Wow, oh wow, have the last few weeks been a COMPLETE whirlwind. There is NO way to cover everything in one post, so I will do my best to keep posting this week so you can capture the full essence of the past 3 weeks.

So- the most exciting moment of the last 3 weeks was certainly when the ship came in. We came down to the dock around 7:30 or so and waited. At one point, one of the women with us said... does anyone see that..? And I was like 'wait.. I see it too, but is that the mist or is it the ship...' It was actually the ship- can you see it in this picture??

Also Below: me while the ship was off in the distance, and me when it's close up... more to come later;)

Monday, February 7, 2011

We didn't start the fire.. the fire's been burning, since the world's been turning..

I was really hoping to make a video blog to post here, but seeing as I have a massive headache and nowhere quiet to do so, that's not happening right now;)

So- this week was BST- basic safety training- and I am now certified to work on pretty much any ship in the world(thats what they said- not me;) ) It was certainly a challenge, though very rewarding. I 'put out' 4 fires and helped move a dummy from a smoky room in 17 degree weather(there was lots of ice by the end), learned to jump in water with a life vest as well as a 'gumby' suit- look it up;), flipped over a life raft, and oh so much more- what a week. I'm wiped out, and need my sleep before our 30+ hour journey to Africa tomorrow!! Please pray for me- I need it!!

Here are some pictures to enjoy from BST!!:)