Sunday, April 12, 2015

Day 6:Support

Last night, I was literally falling asleep as I wrote, so I picked the easiest blessing to write up. I was on the go for about 15 hours yesterday from the party to church to babysitting then to homework. Tonight, I'll go for the biggest one i wanted to write about yesterday, but also blessed me today upon reflection.

Yesterday, my mom and I joined forces to throw a fundraiser for our trip to Kenya. Let me pause there for a moment. For those who don't know, My mom and I are going to Kenya in July with our church, Mosaic Christian Church, which my parents recently joined and I have been attending for over a year now. We will be helping out with an organization called Life in Abundance and working at a clinic. I hope to support children through procedures and provide education where possible, play with local kids, teach them about Jesus, and do off jobs around the site, while my mom will be doing awesome nursing tasks along with odd-jobs from time to time. It will be a FANTASTIC opportunity and I dont think I need to say this, but I am SOOOO ready to be back on the continent that holds my heart.

So, we threw a Jamberry Fundraiser. Jamberry is a really cool company that sells nail wraps(kinda like a sticker, but it lasts for 7-14 days and come in great designs) and a friend is a consultant, who volunteered for us to take her commission to go toward our trip. We had a fantastic turn out with over 10 people showing up. We wont have a our grand total on how much we raised until the 15th, but we know we have already raised over $200 to split between the two of us!!

I have to say, while I was a long term missionary, I struggled a lot. I never had significant financial needs because my donors were there financially, but I struggled because I never physically really felt the love. I came home and was greeted with many cold shoulders. Dont get me wrong- I am eternally grateful for the prayers and funds that made my 2.5 year trip possible, but there was something missing. That something was tangible in the group that came yesterday and in those who have been donating or participating despite not being able to be there physically. I am overwhelmed that so many people were willing to take time out of their busy day to be with us and to be with us, get to know this product, support us, and check in with us. I am blown away by how many people have logged on and given financially, whether through the fundraiser or on their own.  I feel the love- the love is there.

Thank you to everyone who has made this possible! It was a fantastic day that as made possible by many caring, giving hearts and tons of coffee coursing through my veins. I wont even say how much coffee I consumed yesterday

If you would like to join in on the Jamberry party, you still have time! We close the event on april 14th- only 2 days left!!

Follow this link:

If you prefer to give through the church go here:

If you prefer to give to me directly,, email me at

I found out today that letters I asked for someone to help me send, were never sent, so I am also overwhelmed by the people willing to give based on what they have seen on Facebook. Thank you!!!!

Today was also a great day. It started SLOOOWLY, after a rough nights sleep and weird side effects from new medication I started for migraines. But, once it got going, it went. I got up and went to spend time with Jordan while my parents caught up with friends. We went around the pond on bikes. His bike wasn't cooperating, so we took it slow, but I would speed ahead and come back and do it again until he joined most times:) It was liberating being back on my bike! I have missed it! Also my lungs, which normally sieze up under 70-75 degrees when I exercise outside were FINE!!! YAYY!!

Jordan then went to play with the neighbors and I relaxed. I then needed to go to the library to get books for my lessons this week on Bugs, got gas, and got coffee because I literally could have gone to bed for the day at 4 pm if I let myself, but I didn't want to. So, I came home, relaxed, watched tons of Hulu and Netflix(my favorite things to do on a day off, but never do durign the week), ate dinner at 8pm, and now I am here.

I apologize for any weird punctuation and spelling in this.... I am typing on my Kindle Fire Keyboard.

Anyway- Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow to hear my Monday Blessing:)

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