Thursday, April 9, 2015

Day 2: Yoga Calm

There is something about Yoga.. Hot Yoga to be specific, that brings calm to me like very few things can, Some weeks I struggle through my Yoga practice, but not once have I regretted going.

Now, some background first. I go to these amazing $5 classes at Charm City Yoga- theyre so cheap becuase they are at a weird time of day- 8:30 PM... who does that? Well, me. My friend Anna and I have gone at least twice a month since the beginning of the new year, since we both lead stressful lives and need a break that helps better our bodies as well as minds. I do find some of Yoga incredibly offputting and wish I could find a stellar Yoga studio that focuses on Jesus, not Buddah and friends, but I do put my focus on God when we are supposed to meditate.

Anyway... I am so so so so thankful for Yoga- especially after a day like today. A day where I was peed on(and had to wear those clothes for 2 more hours), almost intentionally hit by one of my not quite two year olds(thank God I saw that one coming) and almost spat on immediately after almost getting hit by the same child, and told by someone I look up to and respect that I am lazy and need to work harder after I already felt I have given all I possibly can to my kids without burning out ... it was definately a much needed Yoga day.

Days with the most stress are actually the best yoga days because when I am already relaxed, I struggle the entire way through. When I had a hard day, I am able to focus that stress on the part of the body we are focusing on in our practice and it helps me hold positions better, then I release it all afterwards. Incredibly relaxing and freeing. I will be sore tomorrow, but for now I am completely thankful for Yoga and my friend who holds me accountable to go with her:)

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