Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Day 1: Rest and room to be

Honestly, today was a difficult day. I was running on not enough sleep due to my shift of sleep habits from my 'vacation' mindset to the 'back to the grind' mindset. On top of that, I got some news I didn't want to hear about the summer. I did my best not to complain, but shared with a friend who offered an ear, which helped me out a lot.

I came home after 4+ hours of classes and want straight to my keyboard. I started playing a tune I wanted so badly to master, but wound up playing another tune that is sweet, but exhibits the way I was feeling. Sweet but sorrowful. I allowed myself space and time to unravel.

After this, I heated up some dinner and went to my room, where I layed down, put Dancing with the Stars on, and rested. Nearly two hours of uninterrupted rest time. Rest is something I rarely to never get, but thanks to the slow week, and hopefully a much more productive homework day on Thursday, I have some room. Room to breathe. Room to let myself settle into the news of the day. Room to be.

Hard days still have their blessings. That is mine- Rest and room to be.

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