Saturday, April 11, 2015

Day 4:Surprises

Today was a great day.

I got to finally see a neurologist and we are going to try some meds, she knew Mercy Ships and that was a really cool and fun connection. Funny moment-Sitting in the waiting room and hearing the air turn off and holding my breath expecting the power to go off.... then realizing I am not on the ship...:)

Then I went back to work in a new room for today and got to keep a kid calm by helping him open up his imagination which was a blast to watch.

I went back to my room and after the mess of Wednesday, reconciled differences with a coworker and moved on.

Then I got a raise because we learned I am more qualified than we originally realized.

I came home to dinner already made because my roommate had people over and invited me to join.

Today included a TON of coffee, but it as a great day!

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