Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kindness of a Stranger

Tonight there is so much I feel blessed by- merely by being back from my trip, which was fantastic by the way:) I feel blessed to have running water, electricity and AC again... But I'll talk about all of that later.

Today I had to do laundry... Didn't want to but HAD to due to the amount of dirt my clothes collected while away. I kept forgetting about it and did t make my dryer slot so put it In a bad dryer and was quite frustrated with myself. I proceeded to then forget about it again and watched a movie with my kiddos. However, what I found when I got back was awesome and TOTALLY my blessing of the day... Perfectly folded laundry waiting for me!!! I was all worried because I just got a new bunk mate and I knew folding wouldn't happen tonight if she was sleeping. After a trip, who doesn't want to sleep? So I lay here with a smile on my heart for the kindness of an anonymous person who may know me well or could be a stranger to me. Either way they did this amazing act of kindness without knowing whose clothes they were and blessed my socks off right when I needed an awesome blessing:) if you are reading this, awesome person, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

More to come soon about my trip!!!

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