Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Days 42 and 43: Opportunity

Sorry about not updating last night, but I was wiped out and was in bed by 8:30 and passed out asleep by 10:) But this is what I wanted to write anyway, so it works perfectly.

Last night as I headed back to my room to crash, I was thinking about all of the incredible opportunities I've been given here. Sure, things haven't gone the way I had hoped they would- especially on the job front, but hey- I'm currently a teacher and an engineering administrative assistant(whatt?) that's pretty cool.

Okay- quick story before I go on... you know you live on a ship when you're teaching a class and suddenly the air cuts off and you say, 'QUICK... SAVE EVERYTHING!!'.. because 75% of the time, that air cutting off means we're about to have a power outage:) Haha... Just happened so I had to mention it:)

Anyway, last night I went down to the ward to visit a patient friend who had surgery yesterday. She wasn't awake, but it was nice to just sit with her cousin and watch ward life for a bit. I got to joke around with some of the awesome nurses, then I ended up coloring a scene from Finding Nemo with a sweet patients whose jaw has been stuck shut for a very long time- he's about 10 years old, but looks like a 6 year old(according to his wristband). We had a blast. Every time he picked a new color, he cleared it by me... it was red most of the time. So, I decided to start handing him other colors to mix it up a little bit- he's quite the drawer. I came back up happy that I stayed, instead of left the moment I saw my friend sleeping. I walked back to my room and I realized, at home I'd NEVER be able to just go on a ward, ask the nurses what a patient has, see their pre-op pictures and see them through the whole recovery time, unless they were my family members and even then they wouldn't tell me everything. Here, I can ask a nurse and she lets me know what's going on and sometimes they even explain what they're doing as they do it. It's such a privileged to be allowed into the wards and to hang out with my patient friends.

Then, I started thinking about this coming weekend. I've been given the opportunity to spend a few nights over at the orphanage that has captured my heart so quickly. Now, I've had to prepare myself for it to be different than my mind likes to think, as I have a friend living there who has told me some of the daily ins and outs. But, I'm really thankful for the opportunity to experience it all myself and to be with my kids a little extra. I took tomorrow off and I'll go out there with the team of Mercy Shippers that goes out on Thursday mornings, Friday is a ship holiday so I'll be there all day Friday, and Saturday, the team that I usually come with will be coming and will take me back with them. I've been resting extra this week because my body knows it may be in for a rude awakening this weekend:) I haven't woken up to a baby crying for yeeeears.I'm really excited to spend my time there and with my friend, Hannah, who is from Canada. She's been there since January and will leave next month. It'll be a blast:)

When would you get these opportunities at home? Never. So, I'm soaking them up while I have them:)
Me and my little man Moise a few weeks ago.

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