Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 20: Lent update

Pfew... I got into the internet before it kicked me out... hoping it'll let me post this and not boot me... if you're reading this and it's still Monday- it worked!!

So, I thought I'd give you guys a little update on how my excursions through lent are going, since we're 1/2 way through.

To be frank, I thought this time would be full of butterflies and rainbows and amazing things, but it's been a grind. It's been a challenge and difficult for me. But hey- it's all about learning to lean on God, right? Funny though, none of the things I 'gave up' or added have really been difficult to me.... rather freeing truth be told.

Let me explain.... each time I get on my computer, I admit, my first impulse is to check facebook.... but I'm actually kinda thankful I'm not tied to that chain any longer, and plan on only checking it every so-often... so if you want to keep in touch, email me. I don't miss facebook... it made me jealous and bitter and made me wish I was places I wasn't, and guess what? That's not good... it's poison. So, I"m rather happy that one was a good choice and not a struggle when it boils down to it.

You may be wondering how my adventures in Sugarland are going... it's actually going AMAZINGLY well. I've stopped eating refined sugars- I allow myself honey, peanut butter(only for the good qualities it has) and natural based drinks that may have sugar in them(aka the bissap I talked about yesterday). I feel amazing.... like... really... I've changed my eating habits 100% since I"m using this awesome calorie counter app in effort to whip myself into shape- and it's WORKING... It's nuts!! Sometimes I miss cookies and coke and such- I dream about it often, but honestly it's freeing....just like being off of facebook...FREEING!!! I don't miss soda either.... Funny how that happens... not to mention the weight that's been falling off due to less sugar and more exercise... Yehaw- this girl's on a roll. Trying to  get fit so I can keep up with my kids at camp this summer(if that's what God wants me to be doing), or to go on awesome adventures hiking and such when I go home:)

I have also changed some rules- I haven't watched a movie alone in a while- I've actually pretty much stopped watching TV and movies... I know right? But... I'd prefer to use my free time as free time and zen doodle or something rather than put things in my brain that might come back in my dreams.

Overall, it's going very well- completely different than I expected and hard in ways I didn't imagine, but this was already a time of growing for me, so it's kinda great to exercise more self control and discipline now so that when I go home, I'll be ready to hit the ground running. I'll have so many more resources at home too:)

This may be a little weird- I'm tired and super relaxed because we did yoga tonight instead of the usual Zumba..... I think it may be my bed time;) Goodnight!!!!

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