Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Expect the Unexpected- A call for help

I find myself beneath a stack of papers sorting out which programs I'm applying for need what, and I'm realizing something each time I hit the 'charge' button... there is no garuntee for any of these programs, but I'm pouring money into getting my applications in, transcripts sent and being sure my ducks are in a row... this is where I ask you for help.

I am getting nearer to coming home, but I'm not comfortable with the cushion I have to come home on. Some of you may be like, "that's selfish.... come on, Michelle... you're done, we're not doing any more fund raising.' the thing is, I'm entering a whole new mission field of its own and I need your help to start getting there. I look at how much left I have from my 'mercy ships' fund that I have and think of the clothes I need to buy(a new wardrobe- both casual and more business-casual), the items I'll be needing, not to mention moving out of the house and trying to get standing on my own two feet next year with very little cushion, as I can't work during my internship phase. I also have a deep hunger to help meet the needs of some of my friends I'll be leaving behind in Guinea, which I'll do either way, but I'd really appreciate any help you can offer

If you are interested in helping me out email me at michelle.cristion@gmail.com and I'll tell you how- don't go through the website for any new donations, just email me and I'll explain it all.

Thanks for listening.... I feel a little bit like a beggar, but maybe this is the humbling moment I needed right now.

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