Sunday, March 24, 2013

40: Choir

Today was a movie day. Got up early, opened the Cafe, then the oh so lovely headache I've been at war with decided to strike agAin with a vengeance. Instead of fighting it, I decided to rest it off... With some ibuprofen in the mix:) So I layed in bed watching movies I wanted to see a long time ago but never did.

I started with Avatar, which was simply STUNNING... I mean WOW... Why did I put that one off for so long???? 1/2 way through before it got too intense I took a break for a nap. I slept for About an hour, then resumed... Man... AWESOME!!! Then I realize I had time to watch 1/2 of another before dinner, so I watched Seven Pounds.

When I started it, I had no idea what I was getting myself into... what a concept for a movie. I mean terribly morbid but also breathtaking. During this time of the year I couldn't help but think how great this man's sacrifice was, but how much greater that makes my Lords sacrifice... He saved the whole world for our sins, yet somehow so many cant see it and live life blind to the life he has for them... A much fuller one... Stunning actors and cinematography. Truly hoping nobody got any bright ideas from the film though... If you haven't seen it, bring tissues but its stunning in a whole different way from Avatar.

1/2 way through my 2nd feature film, I went up to the Palm Sunday service which was quite beautiful. There was a song called 'mosaic grace' sung ant it got me right where I'm at right now... Wonderful!! Thanks Patricia and band!!! Afterwards was choir practice.

A maybe little known fact, or maybe some of you knew this, but anyway the fact is that I've been singing in a choir almost all of my life. Since I was old enough, I was in it with a few years gap here and there. Tonight I had my first choir practice In over 2 years. It was a BLAST and brought such JOY to my spirit. Mind you it was a bit more casual than I'm used to but truly water to the soul. So excited to perform with them on Sunday!!! This is going to be my best AFM Easter yet!!! I feel it!!! Praise God and HOSANNA ON THE HIGHEST!!!! Happy Palm Sunday!

For those wondering, today IS day 40, but have no fear, despite the fact the wool was pulled over my eyes in thinking I was going to do lent for only 40 days, it turns out its actually 47... ;) I'm up for it... Oh boy am I tempted but hey, that's what it's all about, leaning into God despite our temptations. To those with your families for Easter and during Holy Week, enjoy them;) be enjoying my sweet ship family for my 3rd and final Easter on board... For now At least:)

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