Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 19: Bisssp

Bissap is a local drink made from hibiscus.  I was in the crew galley juicing some citrus I had that I wanted to drink and not eat, when I ran into my friend Laura. I saw she had something interesting, so I decided to investigate. It was hibiscus....and I knew exactly what it was.... and got really very excited.

Laura proceeded to show me how she thought the process to go. Now, Laura is a big of a guru with drinks- she makes the BEST chai I've ever had. So, she put the dried flowers into the boiling water and let it go, then she took it off, added lemon juice, a little ginger, and just a tad of sugar(don't worry... I've allowed myself Bissap for lent since it's mostly natural..).... she had me taste test and we added more ginger, so then we tried it again... awesome. Thennnn she gave me a bit to take back to my cabin... awesome....

I promise I'll write a deeper post later... I've got a good one for you;) 


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