Saturday, March 16, 2013

32: Rest

After a restless night's sleep, I was blessed to find energy this morning to go to the orphanage and be with my kids who change so much each week, then I was granted rest. Not the kind that comes through sleep but rest in my mind and soul... After getting back from the orphanage my friends invited me to swim with them, we read,we had dinner and then watched Anne of Green Gables disc 1... This truly blessed me as it was my little 8 year old friend's first time watching( didn't make it through the whole thing tho...) and this was something I used to watch a lot as a little girl with my sisters. The memories with this movie are sweet ones of family and friends over the years who I've gotten to share the movies with on the ship 2 times and at home so many times growing up.... Awesome to make new memories that will really stick with me for years to come:)

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