Saturday, May 18, 2013

2: infection!!!!!

You know that spill I took yesterday... Now an infection... Africa had one more illness for me... Thankfully I was paying attention to a line growing up my arm and had some awesome accountability and nurses and dr who took care of me at 11:30 :) thanks guys!!!!

All bags are packed, almost everything is back to rightful owners and tomorrow is the day... Yikes!!!

My party got cancelled since me and one of the nieces were the only people there for a good while, but it was actually a huge blessing!!! Instead I got time to process through worship... Cry, laugh, thank God, and snuggle with all 5 of my nieces. Hard day of closure... Saying bye to Lazares kids, realizing this is real... I'll be home in under 48 hours

Now to try and sleep despite the pain in my hand and anxiety about tomorrow.

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