Friday, May 10, 2013

10: Slam dunk!!!

Who knew today would be so great??? We did a camping kick off with our kids where we had s'mores, told stories, sang songs around a 'camp fire' and read in the tents ( I read to one of my sweet ship nieces;)) awesome!!!!!! It felt like we really went camping!!! And we never left the ship. No real fire was used, don't worry captain!!! I had the joy of leading the songs. Makes me think of my sweet friend Carrie who taught me All of those awesome camp songs. I truly hope she is looking down from heaven and smiling, or leading the same songs up there... No way she would just watch;) Miss you but blessed to carry on your legacy, friend.

Then I had my LAST drill!!!!! At least I hope that was the last of it... ;) a looking one it's over!!! I calculated I had over 60 drills over my years, 1/2 in reception, 1/4 in the galley and 1/4 in sales/ academy;)

Then I had dinner with some awesome ship family members. During dinner I noticed a sweet storm rolling in rapidly, so after sendingvthemboff to their weekend adventure, I ran to deck 8 where I ran, slid, and jumped in the rain after taking in the stunning view.

Then I want to deck 7 where I ran into one of my ship sisters and her sweet girl Hailey, who is hands down one of the cutest and most beautiful babies I have ever met. We had a nice chat and silly time, where Hailey mimicked me by saying 'yo yo  yo'... So funny!!!! We ended just in time for the service. 

I can honestly say there are very few times in my life I have been SO excited over rain... It was like it was snowing!! I haven't seen or felt rain in over 6 months!!!!!! Beautiful joyful present today!!!!! Not to mention the amazing view we got out of it!!!

Worship was awesome tonight and just what I needed to refresh my skim.

I fond out today that my grandma is ill and not well, which was a downer... Prayers are appreciated. I know God has her.

Then was ice cream, hung out with the kids a while, then had an AWESOME phone convo with one of my ship sisters who left 5 months ago for the  first time on the phone!!!! A blessing for sure to talk about everything going on and hearing from her!!!!! 

Going to bed blessed and with a huge smile on my face.

Now for pictures!!!!

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