Friday, May 17, 2013

5: More Lasts

Today was PACKED with all kinds of activities, work and fun!!!

Most notably I had my last 2-3 grade class which was rather sad to me:(? We had a blast playing games:) Then one of my ship sisters took me out for ice cream and a pastry which was wayyyy fun. We shared fun stories and also talked about the changes coming. She has done the long term transition before so it's nice to get some perspective And a few warnings headed into it from my wise big sister:) 

When I got back I got to have dinner with one if my itherbshipsisters and her family(my sweet niece Hailey and my big brother:)) then I played with Hailey which made me late to my going away bible study party.... It was a surprise but a greAt time!!!

Now I go to bed with a Massive headache as I'm sure I drank way too much coffee and not enough water today... Oh dear.... Bed calls;)

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