Friday, May 17, 2013

6: party central

Leaving is tough but it sure is a fun excuse to have a party!!! Today I finished up with my 6-8 th graders and my 4-5 th graders. My 6-8 put on a show in order to show me how much they learned in our stage fighting workshop yesterday. Then we had snacks:) 

My 4-5 th  class was smart and chained their class reward party with their end of  the year party!  What they chose was to bring tons of snacks and watch Wreck It Ralph (GREAT movie) and stay after school to finish it. It took some pulling of strings to get it organize but all parents seemed happy for their kid to get a little extra fun out of me before I go.

This evening, 2 of my awesome friends organized a fondue party for me... Proper Swiss cheese and chocolate and all. It was a fun time of friends and fellowship for sure. Thanks Marty and Catherine!!!!!! You guys rock!!!

Then I got to go and celebrate my babies who had surgery on their cleft lips/ palates or will soon!!  Brings joy to my heart!!!!!! N

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