Monday, August 26, 2013


After a 3 month haitus, I think it's time I return to the blogger-verse. I miss it. I miss writing. I miss having a place for people to catch up with me who are across the world... across the country, state, county, street...;) A place that I can write what I please and people will puruse. :)

Many of you are probably thinking, "WHAT IS THIS GIRL UP TO..."

In a nutshell.. I'm going CRAZY! I've been home for 3 months... but I still haven't gotten everything figured out. I'm behind on thank-yous, budgeting, figuring my life out... but I think that all comes with the territory of returning from a 3rd world country. I'm learning I need to start slowing down on enjoying my various vices(coffee to be specific), as it's weighing heavily on my pocket and at this time I am unemployed.I have savings, but would prefer to save them until I NEED them- like if I have to move across the country or something.

This week is probably one of the crazier weeks since I got home... I'm applying to 10 hospitals across the US(most on the east coast) for my Child Life Internship and need to get them done ASAP. I am having surgery(dental implant for that pesky tooth that has been missing forever in the front of my mouth) on Friday and want more than anything to complete my applications by that day so 1)I can be done with the stress of it all and 2) so I can relax post-surgery. Goodness knows I'm a WIMP when it comes to surgery. I know this one isn't a big deal, but any surgery for me turns into a big deal, so I figure better be prepared just in case right?

I also am in the process of moving out. A sweet friend of mine offered me a room in their home for a great price, so I am currently working on moving all of my things from my house to the new house, organize it all, and figure out the system of my new place:) It'll be great, as the room is like 1.5 sizes bigger than my room on the ship and it's just me- I'm not sharing with my bunkmate. By some standards it's small, but right now I need simple, and that's just what it is... it's PERFECT for me:)

Many people are confused as to what the difference between a practicum and an internship are and what on earth Child Life is... so let me take a moment to explain.

Child Life- A Child Life Specialist(CLS) works in hospitals with kids and explains in a kid-friendly way what they can expect- of their disease, surgery, procedure, hospital stay, etc. through medical and therapeutic play. They are also essentially the family's advocate- they try to ensure that the well being of the entire family is positive and that all needs are met to keep the family functioning as well as possible in this setting. They provide developmental activities and play to children in order to keep them developmentally on-track. They also provide education to medical staff who might not otherwise understand how to communicate effectively to children, fund raise, and hold events and activities in order to help the kids cope with their situations.

Practicum= 12 hours a week at a hospital not paid(Mine is Children's National in DC- where I grew up going!!:) ) essentially shadowing, receiving training, and understanding the career by observation and trying things out as you go. There are also homework assignments given in order to help facilitate the process.

Internship= 40 hours a week- not paid. You are basically a working CLS under constant supervision of a higher-up certified CLS. You also have TONS of outside work... probably putting me at about 50 hours of work a week EASILLLLY.... it's a lot of work, but necessary.

Exam- Takes place last and is just like sitting for any other high-level exam. They test your knowledge of psychology and the field... yikes...

So that's all of it. I'll start the practicum September 9th, the Internship apps are due the 5th... good times.:)

Well... that's all I'll say for now... but stay tuned for your next episode...;)

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  1. You will get it all done Michelle and you will do it well. Just remember who you really are and dont let the mentality of the people back here in the states bring you down. You will be working in the same hospital with your mom and she has experienced a lot of the same things that you have experienced and many things that you have not experienced yet. She is a wonferful godly woman to learn from and to let mentor you through this new chaptor of your life. I am so proud of you Shelly. Love, Aunt Judy