Thursday, May 16, 2013

4: It Sinks In

As I walk around the shop I am met by sad eyes. Sad eyes of crew I know so well, my kids, my coworkers and most sad of all those who have become my family. Tonight was my last community meeting and throughout it, my closest ship friend and amazing 'big sister' flashed sad eyes at me, and her sweet girls both said how much they'll miss me throughout the service. Dinner and visiting the wArd was much the same. Realizing this is my last puzzle with my puzzle buddy, one of the last meals we will share together.

It seems so unfair that I can't have all of those I love in 1 place. I'm excited to get home and be in Maryland again and have my family back, but that's not home anymore... This is. I'm going to feel like a foreigner in my own land when I get home. I knew this would be hard and I'm surprised it took his long, but wow... It hit me...:( 

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