Sunday, May 17, 2015

Day 38:Dangerously Busy

Today was one of those days that was dangerously busy with no room for breathing, but also one of those days that I wouldn't have changed a thing about. I rolled out of bed late due to my very late bedtime last night, got myself together and went to church. There, I got to serve in a different way than I've ever served, by watching the kiddos of the team who was prepping for tonight's service. 

Some would come and play on their phones and be passive during this time. I would rather have fun. So, I brought my trusted bag of library books in. The kids LOVED the books I had and had me read them over the movie that was playing in the background. *BOOM* teacher win!!!!! 

Later, the kids stormed the gates, aka the door and made a run for it. That ain't happening on my watch. I made it clear this was not acceptable, then learned t was with the goal of acquiring a stash of candy, which said children had in their pockets. 

We had a chat and I was able to tie in our virtue of the month from our older kids rooms- honesty- into it, which my older two knew exactly what I was talking about. It was a moment that would have easily been missed if someone hadn't been looking for it. I also took a moment to let them know that this is not just a job for me- I love what I do- and I love them. While I do not see these kids often it is especially true of them, as their parents pour so much into our church. It is an honor and a privilege to love their babies. 

After our heart to heart a sweet baby came who quickly got restless. In hopes to keep her happy, we took a walk, which turned into me entertaining her and then putting her down for a nap. For a moment I thought I may be in for a year-filled afternoon, but those tears were simply boredom. I am so thankful for that. I am also thankful I got time to bond with this sweet baby and get to know her  bit better:) 

After that, I scurried to pick up one of my kiddos from work that I babysat tonight, then we came back to mosaic, where I dropped her off and went to Upstreet. Thankfully she was very happy and excited- no tears until we left mosaic- she was sad to leave. 

After 'the witching hour' of figuring out how to help a sad 2 year old, I finally got her to rest and fall asleep. Then the challenge was how to stay awake myself for 3 hours before her parents came home. What a beautiful problem to have.

It was a busy day, and I fear I am getting sick again, but it was a great one. 

Despite it all, I keep finding myself feeling down and unsure of the future- grasping for certainty that is not there- solid ground that is not close .... A few weeks to go until routine but... This will have to be the new normal for now. Before I had too much homework, now I'm drowning in over 50 hours of work that I need to pay rent, groceries, gas, hours lost during Kenya, and coming tuition....  New normal... I thought it would be so much better than this.

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