Friday, May 1, 2015

Day 24:Encouragement

Today was a long day. A long, long day. I am starting to get sick, which made it longer, but there was a bit of encouragement sprinkled in there. I sat in class, with low energy due to aforementioned foreboding sickness, which I thought was allergies but is proving to be more, and my classmates actually were super awesome. I mentioned that I would be presenting on a topic next Thursday instead of showing a poster about an illustrator/author, because I feel passionately about this topic and it needs to be discussed. Also, I love presenting, so it seemed like a good fit. This came up, and my classmates on several occasions throughout class told me that they think I will be an incredibly Child Life Specialist. One even said, "Michelle, me and another classmate agreed if our children ever need to be hospitalized, we want you there with them to help us through..."

This totally melted my heart and lifted it too. I have been fighting so hard for so long to get into the field of Child Life, and I am so glad that I am not the only person who sees that it is the career for me. I mean, I have been told before by a few people that it is a fit for me, but there has never been this much evidence encouraging me despite the forward motion propelling me. I feel so encouraged by those I am in class with, and I thank God for that. It is so wonderful to know that, while, yes I am in school right now to specifically be an ECE teacher, my end-goal is to be a Child Life Specialist, and I have the support of colleagues and professors. That makes my heart smile.

So after a hard day, where everything in me just wanted to crawl into bed and not come out till mid-May, this is the part that says, "Nope, 3 more projects and 1 more assignment, you got this... PUSH!!!! GOOOO!!!! This is for your future patients!!! You've got this!!! "

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