Saturday, May 9, 2015

Day 31: One Day More

My biggest blessing isn't something that's today, but tomorow... I have one more assignment standing between me and summer. Well, really between me and needing to clean my room, organize things, do a whole bunch of other things I've had no time to do, but... school will be done until August... and for THAT... I will be grateful.

Do NOT get me wrong. Learning.... well... okay, guys... I am a teacher. I LOVE learning. For real. I LOOOOOOVEEEE learning. But. I am ready for a little breather to decide what I get to learn for a bit, to teach my kids some fun things, to rest a bit, and get ready for the craziest Fall I've ever had in my entire life, and possibly ever will... so... For now... I'm so excited I have 1 more assignment that will take me about 1 hour. And it will because I am so excited.

ONE DAYY MOOOREE... brownie points if you know what the reference is;) 

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