Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Challenge... the final 30

I've decided to challenge myself... again:) I kinda sorta LOVED blogging every day. I guess now that I have facebook back, it's kinda my 'daily blog' but I think I'd rather do a real legit blog daily:) So, with that, we hit the final 30.

Can you believe it's 30 DAYS TILL I LEAVE?!?!?!? What the what???? How did THAT happen? I'm overcome with all sorts of emotions- fear, anxiety, excitement, joy... I'm so looking forward to holding Jordan in my arms, snuggling up and enjoying a movie with my boy, and meeting JAMES!!!! That's going to be such a sweet moment that I'll always remember and hold dear. But in order to go back to all of those things, I must give up all that I have here. My ship family, which I told you a bit about in the last post.

Why can't we have all of the people we love all of the time? I mean.. that's life... I know I gotta suck it up, but it really stinks to realize that the chances of having all of the people I love in the same room at any given time would only ever potentially happen on my wedding day, but even them someone's bound to not be there. Oh, and not to mention the fact I'm NOWHERE NEAR getting married...pft. Chances of my ship nieces meeting  my friends and nephews are slim... though not none. Chances of my best ship friends meeting my best friends from home... slim... but I can't think like that. I mean, it's healthy to process, right, but I need to focus on the things that WILL happen.

With goodbyes come hello's and super duper exciting reunions in the future. I am stoked that I will get to see lots of friends from the ship over the summer- weddings, reunions, people coming to MD:) Yess!! So exciting. Still realllly tough to swallow, but exciting. You really notice how long it's been when you see the kids after a few years... they grow so much!!! But lots of phone dates and letters will be written, I am sure of it:)

Annnyway... sorry.. needed to get it out:) I sit here and realize some days that this thing is really ending soon... it comes in waves of excitement and anticipation, then fear and realization. But, either way- it's coming. Here's to praying I get the most out of the next few weeks. Lots of awesome stuff planned with my families and friends... I'm really excited for all of the memories that are going to be made over the next couple of weeks!!

Today was NUTS and not once did I get to stop and breathe... I'm so glad its over and hoping for a slower pace tomorrow!!

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