Wednesday, April 24, 2013

23- p90x and friends

Today turned out worlds different than I thought it would but it was so great!!!!!

I got to hang out with my favorite 8 month old niece twice so her mama could get her study on, then her awesome mama took a break to exercise with me!!! Me and Hailey had a BLAST!!! Goodness will I miss that sweet baby and her mama!!!!

If you had mentioned the word p90x to me a week ago, I would've shuttered... All I've heard about it is how intense it is and it seemed so intimidating. Sink fled at the mention of the name. Monday, as I mentioned, we did p90x yoga, which helped me see the light. It is indeed brutal but fantastic!!!!! Definitely no more brutal than my man billy Blanks. Tiday me and my workout buddy did most of cardio x. Again with the butt kicking... Especially since my level of soreness drastically increased last night in my sleep, but great!!! I feel so much better about myself after a workout!

Then after that was dinner, which is the BEST steak I have ever had on the ship... SO GOOD!!!!! Then I brought one of my great friends down to sift through my stuff and lay claims on the things I want it get rid of/sell. We had so much fun looking through it all. Then we went up to the cabin, where her kids and husband decided to check out their new tent and supplies and set it up. Amazing!!! Couldn'tve found a better home for my things:)

Then I proceeded to hang out with said friend after the kids went to sleep and I showed her around her new itouch and we chatted... And chatted... And chatted some more....:)

Late to bed, but that's okay... Didn't need to be up early early anyways:)

Thanks for a great day, God. You always know just what I need;)

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