Monday, April 22, 2013

25- Speeches, yoga and smoothies

Today was an eventful day. Fortunately I decided not to let it get to me after I encountered a VERY grumpy crewmate who has a pretty negative look on everything that happens during the day. Instead of fretting that I had a speech today that I had yet to write for Toastmasters, I let the idea come to me ...10 minutes before my 1:40 class with time to practice only from 3-3:3. But I did it!!! It wasn't perfect, but that's why I'm there... To learn.

Afterwards I had a choice to make... Do I meet up with my coworkers who were going to do yoga, or do I bake for class, or do I hide in bed? I decided to do yoga. We did p90x, which wasn't as hard as I thought it may be but it was WAY longer than I'm used to. Needless to say I couldn't do everything, but I surprised myself that I had the willpower to do an hour and a half of yoga. The company certainly helped. Lots of laughter:)

Then I showered with some amazing body shop body wash which smells like heaven... Aka pink grapefruit... And grabbed the nearest mango(I have several) and got my yogurt from this morning and made a BANGARANG smoothie;)

Simple, but incredible evening... All because of my outlook on my day. I think starting the day off by journaling and chatting with God helped too. I may regret the yoga in the morning though;)

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