Tuesday, April 23, 2013

24: Twisted Tuesday

Today can only be described as twisted and somewhat terrible, but it all was made up for tonight. First i babysat my sweet 8 month imd niece which was WAY fun!!! Then I went to deck 7 and hung out with patients:)

We then went back down to the ward and I met sweet Aicha who is getting in a cleft palate surgery tomorrow. Her mom remembered me and I told her again in had the same surgery when I was a baby:) she is so beautiful- her eyes light up the room and her smile is killer!!!

I also got to see my amazing warrior of a friend Mariatou who now has a chair that reminds us of a throne. When I first saw her to iChat I didn't recognize her because she was no longer in her hospital gown but in a beautiful African dress with a matching head wrap. Incredible turnaround from the other day!!!;)

Moments like those remind me why I am here and I thank God despite the bumps the things really do work together for good.

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