Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day 16: Comforts of Home

Last night, I entered the dining room for dinner and saw what was for dinner and wasn't very excited... maybe because I was headed to do Taebo and was focused on that, not eating. later, I came for dinner and much to my surprise realized it felt so much like comfort food. It took me back to my grandma's old house, where I would always sit anxiously at the dining room table awaiting her amazing meals.

This is what we had for dinner...
Now, it was a little different, but pretty great for the ship:) My grandma would've made her famous baked beans, which I love with my grandpa's home-grown corn, ham bought from the amish market and bread that she baked that morning... but this was a great taste of home... and the view wasn't bad from the window either...
 In that moment, I truly felt blessed. God knew what I needed that day- some comfort food after a day that wasn't bad, but not wonderful either. It started with me spilling a cup of yogurt with frozen blueberries all down my front and all over the floor in a carpeted area..... our yogurt is super runny, but delicious.... and it was ALL over me and the floor and splattered the furniture... I was embarrassed and more worried for the carpet than my clothes, though I must say it was totally a great excuse to get my laundry done that morning:)  The day was full of hurdles and new roadblocks, but at the end of it, this really made my day- Thanks Ken and the team!!:) 

Today, I realized how blessed we were to have real dishes daily when I was met at lunch with this...
Small paper bowls..... I like to eat a nice salad at lunch, but today I was flabbergasted and felt like a fool- it looked like I was eating for two people, but the bowls were so tiny I had no chance of eating what my body needed with just 1 bowl.... Then I was thankful and blessed to remember our amazing silverware and crockery we normally have... my fingers are crossed we'll have it back again soon.

On a less superficial note, Here's another HUGE blessing. I got to meet these guys rather early on, but didn't get to see him post-op, which was disappointing. But- look how incredible his story is!!!! :) 
Credit for that blog goes to Tiffany Bergman:) Beautiful story and a beautiful way of telling it;)

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