Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 14:Prayer Part 2

Since I don't have facebook, I'm not able to post things going on in my life, so I just wanted to include a bit of a request for prayer in here. My Grandfather(Poppop) is one of the people in my family who just holds my heart... I'm a daddy's girl, but I'm also a Poppop's girl...BIG time. He is in his mid 80s now, which is awesome and I'm so excited to still have him with us- he's gotten to see 2 great grands born... awesome.

In his past, he worked in factories- lots with asbestos, as well as tons of other conditions I'm sure I have no idea about. This has wreaked havoc on his lungs. He was diagnosed a few years ago now with chronic lung disease, which has placed him in and out of the hospital numerous times. Each time, my heart leaps in fear that this is the time my grandpa won't be able to get better. Some of his hospitalizations have kept him for only 1 day, some a few weeks. In the last month he's been in the hospital twice now.

Part of me is terrified, but then I'm reminded of 1 thing. "Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done."Philippians 4:6.  God's got a plan, and it's perfect. I just need to take my burden to him and tell him my thoughts and my needs, and he'll take care of it, but I also need to be thankful for all he has already done.

Now, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. One thing I've always dreamed of is having my Poppop at my wedding. It brings tears to my eyes just to think about my Poppop grabbing my hands to dance a slow dance and rejoicing together. Every little girl wants her daddy to be at her wedding- of CORSE I think about the walking down the isle and all of that and get excited about it, but my daddy's supposed to be around for a long long time. Supposed is the key word. We don't know what God's plan is for us, but my grandpa- I've never ever thought I'd see the day I'd be married and having him there. I've always wanted to see that day, but part of me has known while I hope that, it won't happen. But, with God all things are possible, right? So this is always going on in the back of my head whenever he is hospitalized. I need him to be at my wedding- he's going to be a big part of my day...

Then I'm taken back to reminding myself of the Lord's plans, which are FAR greater than mine... I know either way, my grandfather will see me on my wedding day- whether on earth or in heaven. When you're so far away, it's so hard to think about, so it's just so much better to hand it over to God and let him take it for me....sometimes I slip backwards and go 'oh my goodness....what if....' But, I feel a hand on my shoulder lovingly guiding me from those thoughts and reminding me that my plans may be different from God's, but he's got this.

What a blessing it is to know that someone far greater and far more powerful is looking over me? He knows my deepest desires because he placed them there. He is both here and with my grandpa, who very much loves him.

On another note- please pray for my sweet baby nephew James. He needs to gain some weight before he can go home with his mommy and daddy, who I'm sure are very ready to get him home with them. Please join me in praying that he'd start taking on weight, he'd start feeding better and that all in all they'd be able to release him from the hospital with no concerns this week if possible.

James Baxter Wilson- about a week ago.
Isn't God so good? I feel so blessed to have a direct line with him... that He is always right there with me- closer than my breath, even when I feel like he's miles away.... all I have to do is call on his name, and he's right beside me. Definately a blessed girl....;)

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