Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day 11: Friends and God's Voice

This is yesterdays... I waited too late to write it and the net blocked me out... so here it is... look for another soon;)

Today came together like a perfect package for me.

I woke up and did my usual routine. On my way, I acknowledged a potentially awkward situation, but decided to pray about it. The situation dissolved before my eyes... it was kinda incredible. Then at Lazare's, God really showed me and a friend a lesson I need to learn through the relationship I have with one of the kids.

 I got back and was kinda feeling down, but finished filming our film festival videos. On my way to collect my things, I said, 'God would you just show me what to do tonight?' Less than a minute later, my bouncing little 8 year old friend said, "Miss Michelle- do you want to come to the ward then watch The Little Rascals with us??? My mom said to ask you." To that I jumped up and said 'YES!' I felt it on my heart to get back down to the wards more often and boy was it a blessed time... full of me talking to cleft lip/palate patients and their caregivers, just loving on some of the patients who were clearly not feeling well, goofing off, realizing the way to explain how I say my name versus the way locals say my name, lots of laughs, a few tears and a great time.

Little Rascals was great and I made headbands looking forward to what the summer will bring to me- Camp!(if all goes as planned so far...). Then I passed a friend carrying a big bag and I realized that a pretty good friend of mine who left the ship in the summer arrived tonight for a visit!!!! I popped up behind and he greeted me with a very excited hug and hello.... strangely it felt like a piece of home came back to the ship to make it more like home... weird but today was totally blessed

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