Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 13 and 14: Toastmasters and Sleeping in

Day 13: Toastmasters

Toastmasters is a club on board whose goal is learning to speak with more confidence publicly  learning to write a proper speech, and keeping your audience listening. Toastmasters was never something on my radar.... everyone always said I should join, but I was apprehensive. I kept saying to myself 'I got a DEGREE in ACTING.. I don't need to know anything about public speaking... I got it in the bag....'. Speechwriting, on the other hand, is quite a different battle.

My first speech- my Icebreaker- was really very easy- I talked about me and I had to come up with 3 key points and go for it.... practiced it like a monologue and I was fine. Next week is my number 2 speech, and here is where the ways part.  I have to WRITE my speech in a certain format and practice it. Thankfully notes are still allowed, but on Speech 3, they aren't. I'm in this time crunch to get my speeches in before I go- trying to get as many in as possible, since I don't know what Toastmasters clubs are available to me at home.(anyone at home a part of one?)

Last night, the club truly blessed me. We've all gotten very comfortable with each other- maybe sometimes a little too comfortable so the professional feel can go down, but man is it a riot. There were some quotes that came out of last night that just CRACKED ME UPPPP!! Also, I was the only female in the group who wasn't evaluating- I was time keeping, but they needed a female to do the 'table topic'. Basically the Table Topics Master comes up with topics and the person in the hot seat has from 1-2 minutes to speak on. She was animate that it would be a female, so I sacrificed myself.

The topic: I just won the Oscar for Best Actress and I have to enter the room and give my thank you speech. The second she said it I thought to myself, 'You just picked the person in the room who is most comfortable with this kind of thing... bad choice... but okay.' :) It was pretty fun, but surprisingly hard to get to the minute mark....I was a bit... melodramatic... and vain... and... a diva:) It felt so good to act again. Earlier in the day, my friend said, "Michelle, you always direct, but I'd LOVE to see you act, since you've said that's something that really makes you happy." ... I got to last night and felt really blessed to have the opportunity. I got no feedback on it, so I honestly have no idea how it went, but to me it felt good to be up there and performing.:)

Day 14: A Sleep-in day
Today, the Elementary are on a field trip. Normally, I meet up with the teachers at 7:45, then help out with devotions for the Elementary, then go back to doing what I was doing pre-devos.

Currently, my morning schedule goes something like this:
Up around 6:15
Get ready for the day
Breakfast around 6:45
Listen to a podcast, or do a devotional, or reading a book I need to learn something from.
7:45- teachers meeting
8-8:25- devos with the kids
8:25-9:10- More podcast or piano time, which I always love doing.
then it's work, work, work.

But this morning was more like:
Up around 7:05
Get Ready/Shower
Breakfast around 7:20(while listening to some Mike Knott- this one's for you daddy;))
Podcast and ipod time/ whatever I want to do time from 7:30ish- 9:10

Sounds good to me. I'm still tired, but thank God for yummy blueberry green tea!! Thanks Kaye!!

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