Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Okay, okay, I've decided that it's about time for a new post... people around here are either EXPERT bloggers, or just hardly blog, so I decided to attempt to become better at it to keep you lovely people all over the place up-to- date with me.. But, as I'm sure I've said before, I'd like to update you on what happened on field service, but need to do it a chunk at a time.

Therefore... I shall present to you... the tales of the Hostel(sounds like a scary movie,no?) ;)

This is the lovely hostel we stayed at... it was located at the National Stadium in Freetown... imagine the noise... hm;)(most nights there was either a party going late into the night, or a revival all day, or something to really make living at the stadium pretty tiresome.)

After a long, hard journey from Dallas all the way to Freetown(which I will blog about later) and having the car we were in drop a drive shaft completely as we were approaching the hostel,we pulled up to the hostel at close to 11:45pm on February 9th.

I got inside, and my lovely roommate(Harriet) told me where our room was. They ordered us pizza, which was a nice snack after a lonngg day, and I was about to head up to my room, when the power shut down. Boy- I had no idea how dark things could get until the power was ccommmplletely off... My flashlight was up in the room, and I had to feel around to find it, with an assist of my roommate's flashlight... I was like 'oh boy- this is a greeat start...' After a shower, I plopped myself into my bed to discover the bed basically ate me a live- making for an uncomfortable sleep and a hot night... boy was it miserable.. but... I needed sleep:)

I unfortunately didn't get many pictures of our first room. But basically the on
ly issue with the first room we stayed in was that the AC didnt work... which... kinda became a major issue for us. So, long story short, they moved us to a new room due to both of us being completely worn down by lack of sleep. We were happy to have AC finally, only to le
arn as we were resting only a while after we got the new room, that the plug the AC was in was fried.... it went something like this:
Resting... reading... napping.. etc...
"um... no.....""Um... do you smell something??'
"yes... yes I do... um.... is it the AC??"
"Oh no- I think it's coming from the outlet......*sniff*.. um.. yep..."

We were just thankful we were both awake and aware enough to catch this little issue before it became a BIG issue.

I reported this to the front desk, asking for a few fans to help out- at this point we were wayyyy over the idea of AC and just wanted something that would work. Of course they demand they come take a look at it to see if they can get it sorted out... they came in, looked, and left... then told us we have a fan... haha... We had an industrial-sized fan, which
seriously saved our tails... Once we got it, I think we both slept a little bit better... though.. our new room came with a few hang-ups.

Some examples include: our lovely hole in the wall... the bathroom had a nice huge hole in it right near the shower... which.. made me nervous for a while. Once I got over my fears of said hole, I quickly realized my fears were justified.... more on the Malcolm saga later..

We also had a faulty toilet seat, a loose sink, holes in the ceiling, a lovely little mouse hole in the door(not that they he even needed the hole... just the vent...

Some 'bonus' features of the room/hostel included no hot water(not that you really wanted it), in-room laundry(aka the sink and clothes line), mosquito nets, nice fiirrm beds in the second room, and oh so much more....

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