Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to Meee...

Some of you might be wondering how my birthday went.. well... I'll tell you;)

So, I woke up around 10ish and as I left my room, I expected something to be on the door, but much to my surprise there was a banner hanging across my door, meaning that when I came out, I'd be essentially hit by my birthday banner. It was pretty hilarious as it happened, I let out a little yell, and one of my friends happened to be walking by at that time, and I just laughed and laughed, but tried to be quiet since one of my roommates was sleeping still.

Me and my Cake- Harriet and Savannah both making interesting faces in the background... hahaha:) I love candids sometimes.

After that, use the gift certificate the ship gave for my birthday and I got myself a latte and just hung out on my computer for a while. At lunch, one of my friends, Dan, rang the bell(which is used to make announcements) and said, “Today is the Anniversary of Michelle Cristion's 16th birthday... “ and everyone sang to me. Honestly, the whole ' Anniversary thing made me think 'oh.. its not for me...' but.. oh it was:) So great.

Deb so excited for my birthday- note my face in the background.. too funny:)

After lunch, I did some blogging, etc and ended up semi- bored, but that's not a bad thing after a hectic few days of work. At lunch, I was told to keep the time immediately after dinner free, so I did. Dinner as normal, then I was told at 6 to show up to my friend's cabin(which is a family cabin so it has much more room than the others).

Noel and Kylie

I am guided up by the family's 7 year old- Savannah- who could hardly contain herself- she was so excited. I walk in and there's Tiffany(the mom), and my friend Jane as well as Kylie- Tiffany's 10 year old- who wouldn't talk to me all day until the party- she was excited as well:) Since I beat everyone to my own party, we shouted 'surprise' to everyone that walked in thereafter.. it was quite hilarious.

An extremely excited Kylie

Tiffany made this amazing cake and cupcakes, which someone pointed out was tye dye. It was a yellow cake with chocolate sprinkles(to make it funfetti- my favorite) and the icing was vanilla as well as a nutella flavored- HELLO:) haha.. so good!!!!:) Ps- I've pretty much been limited to tye dye clothing for the last month and ½ since that's all I really packed for our time on land... because I thought I'd have my normal clothes back by now, but boy was I wrong.. so I've become known for my tye dye shirts, which are starting to wear down quite a bit:) So- that's why the tye- dye part was so funny and cool:)

The Cake and Cupcakes!!!!:)

Anyway- so we just had a blast- Tiff's husband Dan was the DJ, and we cranked up some great tunes, danced around, chatted and just had fun!! It was most of my gateway group and we'd only been together a few times over the time we'd been on the ship- so it was nice to be all together again:) I was surprised to find presents and cards- I honestly didn't expect anything at all since we're all on tight budgets- but people really found cheap ways to do it:) I loved it all- one of my favorites was candies and things wrapped up like an OR tray, since my friend is a sterilizer and does these trays all day long:)

Can you spot the OR- style gift? The gold one was also awesome:)

The party was pretty short, since the Hospital Open House was happening that night, and lots of my friends are hospital staff. So, we pretty much moved the party down to the hospital, which I said was an extension of my party. It was actually pretty fun! There were stations throughout the whole hospital where you could sign up to give blood, find out your blood type(I found out I'm A+), be a nurse for a day(which was complete insanity), intibate a dummy, learn to do stitches(surprisingly easy), treat patients with infections(guhh so nastyyy... it was fake but so groosss.. this is why I'm not a nurse...), and so much more. It was pretty great!

Miriam, Kylie and Savannah eating the extra icing:)

I couldn't have asked for a better birthday- it was seriously wonderful thanks to my thoughtful. wonderful friends:) I was a little bit worried because it was my first year away from my family for my birthday and I wouldn't have my friends here, but I got to celebrate with my new, HUGE, family:)

Party Guests(some still in work clothes) and me holding Savannah:)
There's a lot going on in this picture- its awesome:)

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