Friday, March 25, 2011

Another Screening,.. not just another day

As I posted previously, the screening that took place a couple of weeks ago turned out to be a sad, heartbreaking day and all together ultimately a let-down.

Tomorrow, we are going to try this thing once again. I'll be attending this time as an escort inside the compound, which is a super safe place to be in case you were wondering. People are going tonight to begin pre-pre screening in hopes to eliminate anyone staying overnight who has a stomach ache, headache, or something that we just cannot screen and has no potential for surgery through Mercy Ships.

What we need now more than ever is your prayers. We need as many people interceding for us tomorrow as humanly possible. Satan is pissed and he is trying to infiltrate like he did so well last time. Please pray that we can have a successful screening, that everyone will stay healthy, that everyone will stay safe. Please pray that people who have intentions of starting a stampede or riot stay away and those who we can actually help make their way to us.

I'm really excited, but also terrified, worried, nervous, and heartbroken(already). Tomorrow will not be an easy day even if things go perfectly. We will have to turn many many people away. We will bring people through to the actual screening process, and have to say that we cannot help them. We will have people come to the ship for biopsies who will test malignant, and we will be unable to help them. Please pray that we are compassionate, caring, and empathetic tomorrow and that we wouldn't close doors right away, but strike conversation and be a comfort to both those we can help and those who we cannot. I know I will see things I've never seen before, and feel just a sense of hopelessness at times tomorrow, but I also know that I will see the sheer joy on the faces of those we say 'yes' to and give a surgery date.

It's going to be a crazy rollercoaster ride of a day, but.... it's not 'here goes nothing' ... it's ... "here goes everything...'

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