Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Update and POLAND!!

I wanted to update you all with some things I've been doing and some exciting things coming up this fall!!

A month ago, I moved in with some friends who needed some help with their little man while they work. It's been a great opportunity to learn more, as he has a health condition I was not familiar with until he was born, but also I exchange my services for room and board. This experience has stretched me in numerous ways, but the main way is financially. At first I was still using up some of my spending money I put aside while nannying, but now that money is non-existent. I've just had to trust that I'd be fine. On that note- if you need a babysitter, I'm willing! Keep in mind I may request help with gas, but otherwise my rates are highly negotiable, as I have no income as of now:) I do have some savings, but all of those are going toward graduate school, which I've started working toward recently. 

I was unable to secure a spot as a Child Life intern for the Fall, but that opened a door in a cool way. I basically said, "well, if I don't get one, there's a trip to Poland with Mosaic I'd love to do..." Well, that door flung wide open for me almost instantly. Mosiac is the church I've been attending since late last fall and have gotten increasingly more involved with over the months. They hook into global and local organizations who need volunteers to do any number of things and send out teams frequently to help out. I'm a big fan of sending out short-term volunteers to help with a long-term mission, as I was on the long-term end while on the ship. I know how it feels to be bogged down with work, but to get a breath of fresh air when new blood- vibrant and ready to work- came. 

Mosaic will be partnering with an organization called Proem in Poland, which does incredible work to help the local communities not just spiritually but also in tangible ways. Two teams were sent this summer to help out during 'Kontact', where they were able to help the government complete projects to help those in need in their communities. Our team, which will go in December, will do something different, but right up my alley. They do a yearly production that is like a live nativity, but way cooler.- for theatre-y people it's a lot like the stations of the Cross. They set up a village at their camp and throughout the village, there are peddlers roaming, stations to stop by and check out, and just an overall ambiance of fun. People come from all over Poland to see the production and this is the third year. We expect over 10,000 to show up to the event over the 3 weeks the production will take place. Our team will be there the first week to help set up the village and get everything running smoothly- props, costumes, sets, acting, etc. and we will also be able to participate in the first week's activities. Needless to say I'm OVER THE MOON to be able to use my degree to help people not only have fun but learn more about the times Jesus was born into and follows through his life, death and resurrection. I am so pumped about this! 

See what I mean at:

Our team has been preparing by meeting monthly, each of us were given language CDs, which we can use to learn some of the local language- I personally know 0 Polish but am excited to learn!! We've also been fundraising. Here's where you come in. First and foremost, we need prayers. Our team of 8 will surely face challenges before, during, and after this trip, so I ask that you keep us in your prayers. There's a lot to be done before and during the trip that we cannot possibly do on our own strength. Pray for protection for each of us, that we can raise the funds to go, and that we will be used as much as possible to open people's minds to Jesus and the true reason for the Christmas season. Secondly, As I mentioned above, finances are tight and I am currently making $0, as I've been giving my skills in exchange for rent and food. I still have necessities I have to pay for, and my savings number goes down a little bit weekly- especially as I'm about to pay for this semester of school with no financial aid or scholarships available to me. I ask that you'd consider giving. Not everyone is called or able to go abroad- whether it's just not something you have ever wanted to do, whether there is a medical condition keeping you back, or life circumstances, but I ask that you'd consider supporting me. We're given the opportunity to touch tens of thousands of lives- how amazing is that? Okay- my PSA is over;)  Regardless of whether you chose to give or not, I will keep you all updated on how we are doing and the exciting things that are taking place! Below are some links you can check out about Proem, Mosaic, and the trip I'll be on. Check it out! 

My fundraising deadlines are as follows:My financial deadlines are as follows:
August 10th- $1150 Due
September 6th- $500 due
October 12= $400 due

These donations ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE. You can give on line by following the directions below. If you'd rather mail a check, email me at or if you'd like to support me through prayer only, please let me know there as well.

 Donate online by going to:
2) DO NOT LOG IN!!!!
3) Click “Forms” located in the top right hand corner
4) Click “Donate to Poland 3 Service Trip”
5) Select the person to whom you want to donate to in the first dropdown box.
6) Enter the amount you wish to donate
7) Click “Finish and Pay”
8) Enter in your billing information (This is a secure website and all donations are tax deductible.)
9) Click “Submit”

Thank you and Merry Christmas... in July:):) 

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