Monday, May 12, 2014

In which I talk about food.

I have been endeavoring to find new techniques to cook my food to make it as nutritious as possible, while making it easy on myself. I took pictures along the way so I could share it with you. My blog is gonna be a food blog today;) 

Step 1: Put chopped onions, celery, and baby carrots in the bottom of the crockpot.
Step 2: Rinse a whole chicken, TAKE THE GIZZARDS OUT and store for later.
Step 3: Pat dry and cover in your favorites spices- I used old bay. 
Step 4: Cover and put on for 8 hours(if you have time time.... if not 6 is fine. The longer the better).

My Chicken after 8 hours- It was falling off the bones:)

I had some for dinner- the veggies on the right are from the bottom of the pot- so yummy!! On the left are roasted sweet potatoes- YUMMM!

Once the chicken has cooled off a bit, take it out of the crock pot and separate the chicken. Separate the meat from the skin, cartridge, bones. Add in the gizzards.

Add in mirepoix (carrot, onion, celery)- I like mine from Trader Joes pre-chopped for ease.

Fill close to the top with water and put on LOW for 12-24 hours. I did mine for 24. 

Strain and use in place of chicken broth- this stuff is SOOOO good for you! Makes amazing chicken noodle soup- use whole grain noodles(boiled in this of course), the chicken and veggies from the pot- easy and good!!! Full of GOOD fats and nutrients that the bone, skin, cartilage and organs released to make your body happy. I know I know- organs?? I won't eat them straight, but I found out recently my grandma uses them in her gravy every single time and I've been eating that my entire life... got my southern roots and it turns out they're amazing for you!!!:):):):)

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