Saturday, December 10, 2011

Come Sail Away!

I have so many mixed emotions today. I'm exhausted, sad, totally excited, nervous, anxious, and so much more...

We just left our home in Freetown, Sierra Leone and we're headed off to Tema, Ghana, where I"ll be for about 5 days and then fly home. The sail is pretty short and is only about 5 days long.. for me that seems like a long time, but their last sail was about 3 weeks... so can't complain.

As we pulled way from our dock, I was overwhelmed. Friends who leave in a few days were on the dock with another friend who is staying in freetown and working, along with day workers and locals who made their way to the dock to wave us off. I was okay until they all started cheering, and our ship along with the others were blowing their horns.... I suddenly just wanted to BAWL my eyes out- my life for the last 11 months is drastically changing all of a sudden... It's not just me that is leaving... its a whole community- a whole town of people... so bizarre.

I'm sitting here and writing, and the rocking just set in... ooo boy this'll be fun... i'm taking sea sick meds as well as wearing sea bands... so far so good, but on top of recovering from a migraine last night, this might get interesting... So, I"m just going to relax the weekend away.

NExt week starts a new fun adventure. I'm taking on my drama teacher role full time Monday- Friday and I'll be directing the acting for the Christmas Musical- called Chris-myth Busters... it's really sweet. We haven't started- we start on Monday and have until Friday to pull it together... it'll be a lot like my camp I did a few years ago- super high stress and intense, but I think we'll be awesome... I"m super excited!!! Yayy!!!!

Looking forward to what's to come, though it's hard to say goodbye- not just to a few friends, or a few locals, but to alll of my incredible kids and day workers I've worked with from the beginning, and a whole country... it's just... sad. But... we've got people who need our help in other places. I really hope I get to come back to Freetown at some point in my life... maybe the next time the ship is here... maybe when we're in Guinea(if we go there) we can take a road trip.. something...

Please pray for us as we're taking on this crazy journey! It's nuts, but totally incredible.... looking forward especially to the stars and the DOLPHINS!!!! :) Yayy!!!


Ps I totally have Come Sail Away blaring on my computer as I write this... totally fitting and EPIC!!:)

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