Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Where has all the AC gone?

Yet another saga has begun on board the good ol' AFM. The AC.

Now, a couple weeks ago, the captain made an announcement that the AC would be turned off for an un-determined amount of time in order to work on the generators. About a week ago, everyone on board noticed a drastic difference in temperature on decks 5 and 6- the most occupied by crew during off-hours.. the 'hang out' areas if you will. And some cabins too. Then a notice was posted that the AC would be on and off at undetermined times due to the trash build up.

Something to note is that during rainy season, trash gets significanly worse for the ship. It was already a huge problem- the trash gets into the water which gets sucked into our vents and clogs them, making it impossible for air to make its way to us. During rainy season, since there's lots of mountains, the trash gets swept down the mountain down into the water, and into our lovely intake vents.... so divers have do go down and take care of that little problem...here's what it looks like most days...
Can you see the divers??

They scoop things like trash and animals out of the vents so we can have AC. However, the buildup has been so bad lately, in order to keep up with the system, they'd have to dive daily, and there's no way that could happen seeing as all of the divers have other jobs. Also, I've heard that there's an anemone down there there attaches to the skin and makes you insanely itchy while you dive... fun... we're hoping a solution is found soon, because AC keeps people sane in my opinion. I know it's a complete luxury, but it's totally a wonderful thing to have- especially as you attempt to sleep. When the AC goes off in the middle of the night- I'm hopeless.


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