Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Questions Answered

I asked people recently on Facebook to suggest things they'd like to hear more about on my blog, or questions they have for me, so that's what I'll be talking about today. If you have any more questions/curiosities- let me know and I'll answer!!

Question 1:
Do you ever get seasick?
Why yes, I actually do. I have gotten seaSICK yet, but from time to time, especially at the beginning of my time on board, I would get crazy headaches and a nauseous feeling quite often that made me feel realllly out of it. This happens in cars as well, so it's no surprise, but I think I"ll have to take extra care on the sail:)

Question 2:
How big is your room?
Um... tinny.:) My room has 2 rooms that are about 6 feet by 4 or 5 feet and contains a set of bunk beds(I"m on the top, but plan to move to the bottom soon once roommates leave. All of my roommates are leaving in the next few months- 2 next month and one in August, so fortunately I'm able to get a bottom bunk. Some are not so lucky. Each 6X5 room also fits 2 wardrobes and a small desk between the wardrobes. We also have a tiny little bathroom that is seriously big enough to turn around in, which has our shower and sink and toilet... not room for annnything else but you. We also have a little back room that has a book shelf and a few other things, but its pretty small... I normally don't go back there, but sometimes use that space in my room or others' rooms to watch movies, etc.

Question 3:
What are the things you love about your life right now?
I love how close the beach is. I mean, it's about a 1 1/2 hour trip, but there are some beautiful beaches- one which has incredible food(barracuda and fries for about 6 dollars!). I love that there can be adventure right around the corner whenever you want. I love the view out the window of the ship. I love getting out and just being in Freetown- the people are incredibly nice. I love getting to work with people from Freetown in the Galley- they really make my experience so much greater. I love Nutella or cinnamon sugar toast daily. I love having a new family surrounding me all of the time. I love cooking often.. though.. it's not always my favorite thing to do all of the time;)

Question 4:
What are the things you haven't quite gotten used to?
I haven't gotten used to the ship rocking. I'm not used to so many people- and also feeling so lonely when I'm surrounded by people... working on that one. I'm not used to not being able to go where I want when I want... I miss driving a looot. I'm not used to not being able to decide what I eat and when I eat. I'm not used to working such incredibly hard days then having days where I do absolutely nothing.. that's really frustrating to me, but needed since I get so tired. I'm not quite used to not being able to talk to my friends back home at the drop of a hat.. it takes planning daysss in advance. I'm not quite used to living in a hospital. I'm not used to being surrounded by people in a country with so much need. I'm not used to having to make such a point to spending time with people who I live around in smaller groups... haven't remotely figured this one out yet either...I'm not quite used to having to function at 7:30 in the morning... not my favorite... or on Sundays having to function at 6am... not so fun.
I haven't gotten used to some of my job's necessities such as butchering meat, cracking eggs for over an hour, rolling meatballs for hours, etc...

I thought about reversing those last 2, but I like the contrast, so that's how I'll end. I'll adjust eventually.. hopefully;)

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