Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Makin' My Way Downtown...

A quick update for you- the ship finally has consistent water flow, and we've just been stocked with our SL2 Container- which means that the stuff from America is here- which also means my 2 suitcases I packed on said container will be accessible to me in less than an hour!! SO EXCITED!! Maybe I will no longer be 'the tye dye girl...'... only on work days:) We also had a close caffeine call- last night we ran out of the last caffeine on ship,but luckily, we are re-stocked, and people are so excited. We're so excited that the Sales Department is offering FREE coffee to the whole crew tomorrow- I'm looking forward to this. It's funny how I take the little things for granted, and how much the little comforts do truly make your day a little brighter.

The other day when I was off ship, I took lots of pictures around town- something I normally steer away from, but the city is decorated for the 50th anniversary- so I couldn't resist... here are some of the sights you can find on a normal day around Freetown.

Selling things in the market- baby powder, chiars, flip flops, and pants! One stop shopping!

Note How close one-stop shopping is to the trash pile... hm..

There are some pretty great buildings, though most are abandoned and occupied by homeless people.

Beautiful view from a side street.

I love this.

According to this Poda-poda, they are family friends with both Madonna and weed...interesting...

The 50th anniversary is coming this on the 26th/27th! It will be nuts.

I think this phone booth looks like a porto-potty...

A line of them...

Even the curb is painted to celebrate the 50th Anniversary!

A parade for a church- some kind of mens conference or something.

Victoria Park was apparently a place that rebels loved to hang out during the war, but its beginning to become more used by the public now.

All Decorated!

This is one of the judiciary courts in the middle of town.

This is the cotton tree- it signifies the middle of town- its also a great way to figure out where you are if you get lost.

Traffic Galore.

Unfinished buildings.

A man with a wheelbarrow full of styrofoam...

The clocktower- how you know you're in 'Eastern Police'

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