Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some things are not wrong, Just different.

We did presentations this week on how we can apply the principles we learned in class this week to working with the poor... I thought some of you might like to know what I did, so below, I included the presentation I gave. I originally wrote it to be a poem, but it turned into a play- I think it'd be great as a one woman show, but I didnt have enough time to prepare it that way, so I just read it to the class:) Enjoy- I'd love to hear comments:) Ps- it's based on our lessons about world view:)

Working with Those We Serve Presentation

Person 1- A poor woman who was cast off after the death of her husband and forced into prostitution. Her daughter has been struck down with a debilitating illness, and she feels there is not hope left in the world.

Person 2- A well-meaning white missionary who believes conversion is the way to world change.

Person 3- A white missionary who believes in following Jesus' example.

Person 1
I have no way out.
There is no hope.
I have been cursed by the gods.
I am condemned to a life of pain and torment.
First, they killed my husband.
Then they forced me to sell my body- all so we could survive.
Now they are trying to take my daughter from me.
They have cursed her with a tumor
It is slowly killing her.
There is nothing I can do
No way out.
They'll take the last good from me.
My ancestors must hate me.
Have I betrayed them?
What have I done to deserve this?
What have I done in previous lives to have such a grim fate?
What should my daughter suffer for my wrong- doing?
I need help!

Person 2:
My number one goal in life is to save the lost sinners of the world.
God has called me to share the good news.
I go to the most primitive nations and convict the people to repent, to convert.
Because of me, thousands have been saved.
The lost must turn their lives to Christ.
Until they do, they will never see God's blessing.
Until they repent every last sin, they will not see his grace and light
These people are wrong, despite what their culture says.
If they are doing wrong, they are wrong.
If the bible says what they're doing is wrong, it's wrong.
If their culture subscribes to it- their still wrong.
The poor are full of evil ways with no hope.
I can't do anything for them but preach the gospel of the true savior.
My God is LOVE and the only way to be saved is to repent.

Person 1:
I cannot change the hand I've been dealt.
I do not need yet another person to judge me.
My tribe has already rejected and shamed me.
I do not need Christians to say I'm wrong too.
I need love, not hate or force
I need hope, not a prison of this religion
What you are offering is impossible
I would have to face the judgment of my ancestors regardless
They will surely kill my daughter
I am the one full of evil
She does not deserve death
Ancestors- hear me- Spare the child
The only good in a sea of evil
Take me instead
Please, take me.

Person 3-
I have been called to serve the poor
The poor could be me or you
Saints or sinners
Sacred or evil
The truth at the end of the day is we all need God
But, most will not listen
I want to help in a way that Jesus would
I want to live as if he was here now
As if he was walking in these shoes
I want to be a friend to the friendless
If they are hungry, I want to feed them
If they are thirsty, give them water
If they are ill, provide healing and aide
What if we taught them to tend the land?
Build wells and train them to maintain it?
What if we trained doctors to help the healing
of those the world has forgotten?
If we take care of their basic needs,
Maybe then, they will ask questions.
Then the door could open to share Jesus' truth.
While we may never see the fruit the comes from that tiny seed,
At least we have planted it.

Person 1:
Why have you helped me?
I do not deserve this.
What have you saved my daughter- at no cost?
While I am still shamed in my village,
You have restored my hope.
Are you under the gods of life?
Surely they have guided you.
What's this you say about this Jesus?
Is he another god?
What is he the god of?
The god of love???
I do not know this go-
you must teach me more!

Taking time to understand another's world view- pain, trials, emotions, and experiences- can make all the difference in the world.

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