Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Long and Winding Road

Yesterday I had a bunch of my close friends over for pizza, lazer tag and then we went out to a pub afterwards to say final goodbyes... now.. somewhere in the midst of all of that chaos of people in and out of the house, someone decided to walk into our house, when my parents were sleeping and jordan upstairs, and took my brand new computer that was ready to be packed for my trip, along with my mom's purse... which I discovered after starting to get ready for bed and started to pack the final items.. at 1 am. Needless to say, Ellen and I(she spent the night) were shaken up, along with the rest of my family and sleep did not come until about 4;00 and even then it hardly came. We noticed last night that we were not necessarily the only people effected by the thief's actions that night- others seemed to have had a similar issue... so... sadly my lovely new computer is gone, and I am updating from my friend's computer(thanks Jen!!)

In the morning, I got up to take Jordan to school, which proved to be one of the hardest moments of the day, then we went to brunch(me, my parents, Ashley and Ellen) which was delicious, then got to the airport. My luggage was over 5 lbs in one of the cases and under 1 in the other, so we did some re-arranging and luckily figured it out quickly:) After that goodbye, of course I had a little freak out moment since I said goodbye to the 2 closest people to me within 2 hours of each other- Ellen and Jo, and so I proceeded to go to starbucks to cheer me up.

I get there hoping for a passion iced tea lemonade, but they were out of lemonade, so gave me a free bottle of water to go along with the passion tea. I proceeded to dump a good portion of said tea onto my lap(not happy for someone who has no change of pants in her carry on), spilled more on my arm after that, almost lost my pillow(which is suspended from the bottom of my backpack) and just felt like giving up on the day there and then.

Then, I hear someone calling my name and approaching me. It was Kaylyn- who as many of you know her to be Ellen's roommate and IV staff worker- she was there with Kathy Smith and tons of the regions staff workers, and it was EXCELLENT to see them... lifted my mood so incredibly much. Our flight was delayed, which I knew would mean that I would miss my connecting flight(or at least my luggage would), and i started to panic a little bit, but knew it'd work out. We took off, and all was well. Then all of the sudden we hit a huge patch of turbulence.. its the worst I've ever felt and I was honestly to the point of tears and running through my head what to do if we had to evacuate or something.. then it stopped..

Not long into our flight to St Louis(where I was going thru to go to Dallas Love), I noticed stewards bustling around and looking slightly panicked. People started to notice, but the commotion died down, and I figured all was done. Then all of the sudden, I hear the intercom over my headphones saying that any medical personel are needed immediately to the front of the plane. Later, a girl was sent to the back of the plane to find another seat. From what she said, the man next to her was on heart medication, and suddenly felt really hot, so they got the attention of the staff. Soon after, we noticed they moved him to the floor up front, and brought out the defibrilatior and the oxygen tank- I dont think they had to use the dfib, but they certainly used the oxygen. I noticed we were losing height, and I predicted we were going to have an emergency landing. We did indeed make an emergency landing in Columbus, Ohio. the man was held on the floor by a steward during the landing then quickly evacuated. Unfortunatly, we learned after we got to St. Louis, they thought one of the bags was his bag, but it was actually the girl next to him's bag.. poor thing. We don't know how he was doing, but I think he was at least responsive when they took him off the plane. Ps- my ring also broke during this flight- which... sucks.. they put a chink into it to make it bigger a few weeks ago, and it broke...:(

We got going again, and I was talking to the neighbors next to me- the landing was certainly a conversation starter:) We then landed in St. Louis- which was a huge relief. I went up to the counter to get my new boarding pass, since I missed my flight by about an hour, and they told me my flight was supposed to take off at 4:55 their time, which was then delayed to 5:40... perfect... So... I had an hour and a half- I ended up calling people and finding some food.

The flight to TX was pretty uneventful- I fell asleep(finally!) I landed in TX and felt so so happy... I thought it was all over and I'd be happy, get my luggage and go.. but.. of course 1 of my bags got lost- I have yet to find out which one it is.. I'm hoping it has the things i need in it... but my other bag ... but yeah.

Luckily, everything in TX has been good so far- I should be getting my bag in the morning, and Jen took me to Olive Garden- I ended up eating the WHOLE entree... I mean.. I hadnt really eaten since 11, so can you blame me?

Anyway- I'll update more later- but keep me in your prayers, okay? I've had to laugh all day because it was just so frustrating haha...

Peace out!


  1. How did you get everything back? They found his car?

  2. They busted him while he was attempting to break into another car and his car was with him- they found our stuff, but they're keeping it for evidence for now... we actually know the guy from elementary school... its sad.