Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I am not forgotten, I am not forgottenn:)

This is just to let you know, I haven't forgotten about the blog:) I'll update with a few quick thoughts, and over the next few days/week update about what's been going on over here.

I'm just really amazed by how much I've learned since I got here- about myself, about the world, about God, about relationships, etc. It's pretty incredible. I feel like a different person in a way. I found like I've found my spark as I told someone in an email earlier this evening. I've got my little burst of light that has been waiting for so long to come out. I'm just praying that when I get home, I don't just fall into the motions and rut that school and life at home can be, but rather take it all, and run with it. Do what I can to help people, and not be so lazy.

As I reflect, I realize I don't like the person I was at home. Sure, I was okay by many people's books, but was I happy- honestly? No. I found that I needed people more than I should've maybe, and I was kinda stuck in this place that was no good. But here, I love to have alone time where I can just read, or write, or reflect, which happens maybe once in a blue moon. At home, I'd kinda freak out if I had a lot of alone time, but man do I wish I had it now:) Also, I was alway just 'okay'. Never 'great' or 'incredible' like I've felt here. I was always 'okay' but never 'happy' but never realy 'sad' either.

Sure, I have my moments here, as all of us do. When I'm faced with something difficult, I just kinda gotta take it in my stride, and pray about it, and have faith that God will help me out. That's something rather new for me. The trust thing is still in the works, but I at least have faith that God will take care of me.

I've been having an incredible time, and I can't wait to update with stories galore of some quite hilarious adventures I've had in the past week and 1/2 or so:) I will soon do that, so be on the lookout:)

<3 Michelle

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