Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Only One More Day

Hello Friends!

I'm progressively getting more and more nervous, but nothing has quite sunk in yet. It's starting to hit me that I've said goodbye to all of my friends since i havent gotten to see many since I left school, and even more so that some of them won't be here when I get back because they're moving or studying abroad. But, I'm pushing through and getting excited, but also more nervous.

My things are almost all packed, and I have 2 more errands to run today, but after that I should be pretty much ready to go. My mom still has a lot to do, since she is working full time this week and all, but she has tomorrow off, so hopefully she'll get it done quickly. We leave at about 2pm tomorrow to get to the airport by 4 and take off around 6.

I thought I'd give everyone the run down of what I'm doing this summer:

1st – 14th JuneAssistant to the Principal- Helping with end of year events and admin tasks
15th – 21st JuneSummer Program Orientation and Preparation- Planning with the rest of the team for the Summer Program
22nd June – 31st July Summer Program Assistant- (K-4 grade!)
1st – 9th AugustTeacher OrientationAssistant to the Principal
10th – 14th AugustFirst Week of SchoolAssistant to the Kindergarten Teacher.

Sounds crazzy, but awesome at the same time, no? I'm excited because I get new jobs throughout the summer, so if something is dragging me down, I get to move on:)

I'm trying to take today to relax a bit, though I know that probably isn't going to happen. I"m already up and running and it's 7! I NEVER WAKE UP THIS EARLY. Well, taking my sister to work definetly was the reason for me getting up this early, but also I'm going to breakfast with one of my friends, so that's another one:):)

For those of you out there who are my prayer peeps, please just pray and pray for us through these next few days especially. I know the transition is going to be tough for me, but if you could just pray that I stay calm and don't get overly anxious and scared, but I'm more excited and ready than anything. This is going to be an adventure of a lifetime, and I'd hate to see what has happened in the past happen again. In the past, I've let my nerves get the best of me and shut me down- I wasn't the Michelle that I know. If anything, I'd rather be overly enthusiastic than overly mellow- even if it is a tad more annoying, at least I'm feeling the right emotions:)

An update: I am fortunate enough to be recieving Independent Studies credits through my trip. I contacted the Africana Studies department at UMBC, and they said that I could indeed get credit if I write a 25-30 page paper. At first, my heart lept because...well.. I've never written a paper that long in my life. But, it will be a crazy amazing opportunity for me to research Benin further and write about something I truly love and care about for my culture credits(wooooo!) than sit in the Human Geography class I was originally registered for next semsester, and not be motivated in the least. I'll be sure to make the paper availible to all of you once it's written(next semester- probably december).

Things keep fallign into place, and I know that things will work out for the best. I've been watching some of my friends go through things with their trips for this summer or the fall, and I can see how much God has watched everyone's backs- when one door has closed, another, even better door has opened. I have faith that that will happen for me!

Now that I've written a novel, I think it's time for me to get off and officially start my day:)

I have an email list for those who would like more updates. I'm thinking that they'll be different than this blog, so if you'd like to be on it, just either comment on this wall, or email me at Those of you who ARE on the list should've recieved an email from me this morning(if you didn't get an email, but you were hoping to be on the list and I just missed that somehow, do the same as above).

Thank you all for reading and I will probably post with stories tomorrow sometime. If not, I'll post in the next week:)


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