Monday, May 18, 2009

Before the Storm

Hello friends!
I am finishing up my semester over the next 2 days, and it is finally beginning to sink in that I am going to AFRICA in a little over a week. That's crazy. The way everythign has fallen into place so quickly and smoothly is just a blessing and incredible to me.

I've done most of the shopping(and feeling awful about how much money I'm sucking out of my parent's pockets), but I have a lot of organizing of the basement and all of my things to do. I also need to finish my final paper:) That comes first right now, unfortunately. The basement holds all of my things from college, and is a huge mess right now- my project for the next few days/ week:)

I decided to move home earlier than I really needed to because I just really wanted to get as much time with my family- especially my nephew Jordan- as possible. The more I can soak it in now, the better, I think:)

Saying goodbyes over the past few days to school friends has been hard- especially those who are moving away, or leaving me until the winter:( But, I know that things are going the way they are for a great reason, and i'm goign to have an incredible time, and my friends will be having a great time during the semester when I'm back:) I know that we will all grow so much while we're apart and coming back together will be that much more amazing. Our final semester will be killer:) It's just hard to grow without those who have been by my side through it all.

Fundraising has been going better than I thought, but I'm just hoping that everything is covered so I'm not placing even more of a burden on my family(they paid for all of my supplies and clothes.. which was a LOT.. I just dont have the proper clothes for Africa:) )

Please just keep me in your prayers. I am incredibly excited,but know things will begin coming my way to challenge me, and I know that there will be huge ups and downs, but please pray that through it all, I keep my head held high, I don't get overly discouraged, and I just take everything in my stride and know that God is teaching me lots of amazing things.

I should really go take everything I moved home today downstairs so that I can organize and begin working on my paper which needs to be done by wednesday morning:) Pray for that too:):)


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